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What is CoVitality?

The term “covitality” describes the interplay of positive psychological mindsets that contribute to positive social emotional health and thriving student development.


Schools across the country are using the CoVitality App to make social and emotional learning central to their educational process. School leaders use this universal mental health screening survey to holistically engage with their students and positively discuss their individual social emotional health. By focusing systemically on social emotional learning, school districts are getting results in higher academic achievement, graduation rates, and attendance.


Assessing the behavioral and emotional functioning of adolescents helps to promote student success. Academic difficulties, along with challenges associated with developing and maintaining positive relationships with others, can be the result of behavioral and emotional distress that affects student learning and school climate. When caught early, these challenges can be addressed before having negative effects.



What are the goals of the Universal Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Screening?

The use of universal social-emotional learning screenings helps us to:

  • Provide data-informed and responsive supports to students to increase positive student outcomes, including achievement, attendance, subjective well-being, positive peer relationships and positive decision-making;
  • Measure the overall effectiveness of our prevention and intervention services K-12, including the effectiveness of curriculum to meet our students’ needs; and
  • Guide professional development priorities for teachers, staff, and administrators.