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FFA State Champions

State Champions

It is wil great honor that I share that the Dinuba FFA Nursery/Landscape judging team was announced last night at STATE CHAMPIONS!!! The judging season was cut short for all teams this year due to COVID-19, but much like everything else, FFA went virtual. Since the closure, these students have studied independently, practiced as a team multiple times a week, and went on Zoom calls with me on virtual nursery "visits" to keep sharp during this time. Their hard work has paid off!

The contest consists of identifying plants and materials from a list of over 300, a general knowledge exam from two reference texts of 13 chapters, judging retail trees, shrubs and flats, and transplanting. This team has become the first Nursery/Landscape from Dinuba team to win a state title!

Roma Gallardo: 12th

Roma Gallardo

5th High Individual Overall, 10th in transplanting, 9th in general knowledge, 5th identification

Jesus "Chuy" Gutierrez: 11th

Jesus Gutierrez

3rd High Individual Overall, 6th in transplanting, 4th in general knowledge, 4th in identification

Jose Flores: 12th

Jose Flores

2nd High Individual Overall, 1st in transplanting, 2nd in general knowledge, 1st in identification

Itzel Carbajal: 12th

Itzel Carbajal

1st High Individual Overall, 5th in judging,2nd in transplanting, 4th in general knowledge, 2nd in identification


DHS Team

DHS Team

1st High Team Overall, 2nd in Judging, 1st in transplanting, 1st in general knowledge, and 1st in Identification