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2018 -2019 Skills USA Regional Competition

This past weekend myself, Mrs.Ogata, Ms. Steuart, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Sanchez and Mr. Bray accompanied 40 individuals to our Skills USA Regional competition in Paso Robles.  They competed with the best of the best!

This year we tackled a few new comps and came out on top.  I'd like to extend my gratitude to all of the teachers and students for spending the 50 + hours perfecting the essential Leadership, Career and Technical skills needed for our students to compete at this level, now on to State. 

We came home with 14 gold medals, 9 silver, and 3 bronze. 

If you see the following students today please congratulate them on a job well done, and wish them well for State.

Let's go DHS.  



Lily Moos - Leadership (Silver)

Clarissa Barajas - Leadership (Gold)

Arianna Dela Cruz- Leadership (Silver)

Alecksie Sosa- Leadership  (Silver)

Cole Shott- Leadership (Gold)

Lilly Thomason -Leadership (Gold)

Alissa Baza - Leadership (Gold)

Daniella Gallegos - Education Cluster (Gold)

Giselle Mendez- Education Cluster (Gold)

Monique Gonzales- Education Cluster (Gold)

Lydia Devore - Leadership (Gold)

Vanessa Ortiz- Leadership (Gold)

Daniel Mejia -Welding (Bronze)

Donte Rico-  Leadership/ Customer Service(Bronze, ATS)

Rafel Herrera- Crime Scene Investigation  (Silver)

Richard Escobedo - Crime Scene Investigation (Silver)

Jazmin Garcia -Crime Scene Investigation (Silver)

Gabby Baeza - Crime Scene Investigation (Gold)

Darlene Cuellar -Crime Scene Investigation (Gold)

Evelyn Tapia- Crime Scene Investigation (Gold)

Miguel Ibarra-  Interactive Game/ Design (Silver)

Ottoriel Murrillo -Interactive Game / Design (Gold)

Hector Ramos- Interactive Game / Design (Gold)

Michael Sandoval- Interactive Game / Design (Silver)

Daniela Garcia-  Interactive Game / Design (ATS)

Jeanette Murrillo- Interactive Game / Design (ATS)

Ismael Hernandez-  Welding Shielded Metal (Silver)

Luis Neiblas- Leadership (Bronze)