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Achieve3000 National Recognition

Mrs. Tuttle's 4th grade students have been awarded AGAIN! Her students have received national recognition for winning not only one Read to Succeed Contest, but two! They recently received their official award posters and recognition letters from Achieve3000. An additional perk was the awarding of one license for student use. Breana Hernandez has passed over 100 articles and activities. She is the winner of the license. Mrs. Tuttle's class is so excited! Please congratulate her if you see her! She is very proud of her class, and looks forward to some major GAINS on this year's state tests.
Achieve3000 is a district-approved reading program that encourages students across grade levels to strengthen their non-fiction reading skills. Students are better prepared for state testing and, for that matter, their academic career by increasing the complexity and difficulty of their reading levels.
letter winner