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January 2017

Melinda Waide

Mrs. Waide, 5th grade teacher in Room 27, is quite the gregarious teacher here at Roosevelt. In addition to her duties as a teacher, she has coached several award-winning spelling teams; assisted with the student oral presentations known as Peach Blossom; and has offered her expertise and skills as a mentor teacher to new teachers entering the educational field. Indeed, her record of success yields a list of students who have been individual spelling champions, superior and command performance presenters, and teachers better prepared in their chosen craft.waide

Born in San Jose, Mrs. Waide eventually moved to the Dinuba-Orosi area to support her father in the farming industry. In due time she would attend Fresno Pacific University and graduate in 1993. One year later she would receive her teaching credential. Her early years in education included stints as an aide and a teacher at several schools. Now in her 28th year, Mrs. Waide is a veteran of the Roosevelt campus and highly sought after for her leadership talents.

She is a proud mother and grandmother. As the saying goes, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree", this wisdom holds true for Mrs. Waide's two daughters who entered the educational field as well. In addition, she has been blessed to see her grandchildren make their way up one grade level at a time at Roosevelt. She is quoted as saying, "I love my time with the grandkids." Outside of school, she enjoys reading, camping, and going to the beach. Her affinity for horseback riding, no doubt with her real life 'cowboy' husband, has been shared with Roosevelt students during our annual Cowboy Days. We appreciate her love for learning and children.


Norma Andrade

Ms. Andrade is completing her first year at Roosevelt as the 2nd grade teacher in Room 2. Her 26 fabulous students appreciate her contagious smile and upbeat personality. Second grade is a crucial transition point for students because it is the last grade level before facing state testing. It's imperative that students lock down the fundamentals of reading and mathematics which Ms. Andrade knows so well. Her dedication and hard work with students is evident each and every day. In addition, her assistance with our ELAC and Math Movement programs allows her to collaborate withandrade Roosevelt parents.

Her life would begin in what some people call one of Mexico's most beautiful cities. Born in the narrow valley city of Guanajuato, Ms. Andrade spent her early years surrounded by silver mines and colorful architecture. Eventually, she and her family moved quite a ways north to the farming community of Dinuba. Here, she would begin her academic career as a Roosevelt Ram and finish as a Dinuba Emperor. This academic-homegrown experience is possibly why Ms. Andrade returned to DUSD after her graduation from Fresno State. 

The inate joy that Ms. Andrade relates to her students, parents and colleagues is reflected in her comments about the total school experience. "School is, and always has been for me, a happy place. I love to hear the students laugh," replied Ms. Andrade.


Alyssa Alvarado

Miss Alvarado is one of Roosevelt's hard working group of aides dedicated to the safety and well-being of students on our campus. Whether it's in the cafeteria or on the playground, Miss Alvarado's presence is much appreciated. She provides a firm yet sympathetic approach with student concerns or insights. In addition to her district role, Miss Alvarado is also in charge of running the CHOICES After-School Program sponsored by the Tulare County Office of Education. Her eight years with this unique program has helped supplement academic performance and develop positive social relationships.alvarado  

Born in the neighboring community of Selma, Miss Alvarado would eventually make her way east to Dinuba. She worked her way through Dinuba schools, and is currently attending Fresno Pacific University. Her goals sound strangely familiar to a lot of colleagues on our campus who began their careers in education. She hopes to 'knock out' a bachelors degree in one hand and a teaching credential in the other hand. Miss Alvarado's leadership qualities and determination are traits that make her a positive role model at Roosevelt.

Miss Alvarado can be found with friends and family during her off time. An avid pet lover, she refers to her pets as her 'fur-babies'. In regards to her interactions with students, she is quoted as saying, "I really enjoy working with students. They brighten my days at Roosevelt."