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December 2016

Kim Rosedale

As one of Roosevelt's first teachers to start in its inaugural year, Mrs. Rosedale has a background of plentiful memories and experience. She has completed 31 years with DUSD with the majority of her years spent in the first grade. Currently, 2nd graders have filled her class rosters for rosedale the past seven years. As a mother of three, Mrs. Rosedale brings the same sort of nurturing and care she has for her children to her students in Room 8.

Despite being born in Dinuba, most of her elementary years would be spent in the Southern California city of Lakewood. Her family moved back to Dinuba just in time for her first year at WIS as a 7th grader. She would transition from a Thunderbird to an Emperor at Dinuba High School. Upon graduating in 1981, Mrs. Rosedale would go on to complete her degree and teaching credential at Fresno State. 

She loves to ski whether it be on snow or water depending on the season. In addition, she can be found enjoying a good book, exploring all the opportunities available while shopping, or trying her hand at a new recipe in the kitchen. Mrs. Rosedale loves teaching because it allows her to meet new kids and watch them grow. In particular, she has always enjoyed the excitement and wonder in kids' eyes during the primary Christmas concerts.


Mark Rupe

Another teacher from Roosevelt's inaugural year is Mr. Rupe from 5th grade. Teaching for 29 years, he has worn so many 'hats' here at Roosevelt. In addition to his role as a teacher, he has set the tone on our campus in regards to technology. The Roosevelt Ram Lab, in particular, is one example of his hard work coming to fruition. The lab at one time was the only elementary technology room in the district. He is currently involved with a districtrupe program that identifies his classroom as a 'tech-model environment'. Fellow colleagues have opportunities to observe his tech-enhanced lessons and use them with their students. Students are highly engaged in Mr. Rupe's classroom.

Mr. Rupe and his family grew up in the Northern California community of Ukiah. He could share a story or two about his high school football days; this is probably where he got his intensity to succeed and motivate others. Other stories might include his early work experience with large grocery inventories and 'flying Oreos'. His collegiate years would come to a conclusion at Fresno State with a degree and teaching credential in 1988.

He has served as a GATE assistant teacher in the past, and is currently teaching a module-based session entitled video animation to select GATE students now. After-school tutoring has also been another one of Mr. Rupe's 'hats'. In his free time, his world consists of all things with his wife and daughter. He enjoys teaching because he states in jest, "I can never figure out what I'm doing. I need my students so that we can figure things out together."


James Smith

As Roosevelt's intervention reading teacher, Mr. Smith is determined to help struggling students maintain their monthly reading goals and at the same time foster a love for reading. Students can face steep challenges academically if they fall behind with their reading skills. That's why Mr. Smith is on the job on a daily basis. His journey in education is relatively new with three years completed through the Choices program and one year of completionsmith on Roosevelt's staff.

He was born and raised in the small community of Adel, Georgia. His public schooling would come to a close in 2005 after graduating from the home of the Hornets, Cook High School. After a move out to California, he would attend both Reedley College and Fresno Pacific University earning a degree and a PIP teaching credential in 2015.  

In addition to his role at Roosevelt, Mr. Smith has coached football and has filled in as a substitute teacher. His hobbies include sketch drawing, playing football, and working out. He can knock the cover off a softball and send it soaring over 6th graders too. His favorite school memory took place during his freshman year in high school. On one occasion, his math teacher had invited him to a bible study. Mr. Smith appreciated the sincere concern from this teacher who would go out to the football field during practice and remind Mr. Smith to be there each and every week.