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November 2016

Deborah Surabian

Mrs. Surabian has been a teacher at DUSD for twenty years; the entirety of this time as a 3rd grade teacher except for one year in the fourth grade. Her career has been split between stays at Wilson and Roosevelt Elementary. She sets high expectations for all of her students because she firmly believes that they have the ability to become excellent learners.surabian

She was born in the historic northeastern state of New Jersey and would grow up in the big city of Chicago, Illinois and later the southwestern city of Phoenix, Arizona. It was her time in the "Grand Canyon" state that she would begin her collegiate years at Arizona State. Upon meeting her husband, Mrs. Surabian would make the move west once again to start her life in Dinuba. In 1996, she graduated from Fresno State (Go Bulldogs!) and received her teaching credential some time after.

Some of her hobbies of choice include traveling, reading, and of course shopping. She also enjoys increasing the heart rate by working out at the local gym with teacher-friends. Teaching is a profession that Mrs. Surabian feels is instinctive to her. For example, she mentions her time in helping to raise her younger sister. These inate talents of nurturing and fostering youth is why she teaches. Indeed, she states, "It has been an honor and pleasure having each of my students in my class. I will never forget this teaching experience and the connections I've made."


Joshua Wallace

Mr. Wallace, currently teaching 5th grade in Room 20, is relatively new to the teaching profession with three years under his belt. Despite this short time frame, he has proven himself to be an effective and valuable member of the Roosevelt team. His consistent desire to enhance the daily learning experience in his classroom has created a teaching environment whereby students are actively engaged and ready to succeed.wallace

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mr. Wallace and his family would eventually make the move out west to start a new life in Dinuba. He attended Dinuba schools from a young age and graduated from Dinuba High School in 2003. One memory in particular to his school experience that he happily recalls was his experience at SCICON, 6th grade camp. He truly appreciated the beauty of the Tulare County outdoors camp. in 2014, his time as a "Sunbird" at Fresno Pacific University would yield a teaching credential.

In addition to his time as a teacher, he also serves on Roosevelt's PBIS student behavior team. It's all about RESPECT! Mr. Wallace loves to play soccer when he can and attempts music on occasion. Perhaps you have seen him on campus with his guitar singing a song or two. Summer vacations are spent with his family in the great outdoors. It is this love for exploration and learning that Mr. Wallace wants to impart to his students as well. "I want my students to succeed!" he states.


Tori Castillo

Mrs. Castillo is most likely one of the first people to greet you as you enter the doors of Roosevelt's office. Her welcoming attitude and smiling face are much appreciated by students and parents. In addition, teachers like her efficient and helpful way of keeping them organized. As the principal's secretary, Mrs. Castillo has numerous responsibilities and tasks in the daily operations of the school. She acts as a facilitator for Principal Gonzalez and keeps the cogs rolling in the well-oiled machine we call Roosevelt.Vcastillo

Her career in education would start with TCOE in 2006 and later switch to DUSD in 2011. At one time she served in the district's instructional technology department helping technicians and teachers organize and complete hardware requests. Her hard work in this department would eventually bring her to Roosevelt.

She was born in Visalia, but grew up in Dinuba. After graduating from Dinuba High School in 2004, Mrs. Castillo would also graduate from a massage therapy school four years later. She is quite the multi-talented person. Her affinity for working with children is further exemplified by her strong involvement and commitment to her family and two children.