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    Game Design

    Video Game Design 1 provides students the opportunity to learn both the theory and application of gaming while providing basic instruction and principles of video game development. Video Game Design 1 will introduce students to the Video Game Design Industry and the basic components and processes required to produce an interactive video game for the market. Students will study the history of video games and analyze successful design aspects.  Students will learn game theory, concept development, character creation, writing, storyboarding, scripting and programming, and leveling.  As teams, students will work in teams to develop a working prototype game using game development software.  Students will have an opportunity to participate in competitions.



    Art Animation is a one-year course with a focus on the basic principles of art taught in the art one curriculum and an introduction to the art and history of animation. The student will develop drawing skills by drawing basic shapes and forms, still life objects, figures, facial, body expressions, and animal body gestures. Animation assignments will include character development, basic movement studies, traditional animation processes and an introduction to digital graphics applications.  Students will have an opportunity to participate in competitions.


    Video Production (DETV)



    Introduction to Media Arts

    This course provides students with in-depth experience with digital design tools, processes, and systems common to careers in graphic arts and digital production. Career examination and skill building include printing enterprise, art and copy preparation, graphic design, image generation, and assembly, production photography, graphic reproduction operations, binding and/or finishing related to digital imaging, printing, and digital production using traditional means and Digital programs found in Adobe Creative Suite.  This is recommended for Game Design, Animation, and Photography.

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