• Short link to this page: bit.ly/dusd chr ext

    Click these links to install the following extensions in your Chrome account.

    1. Read & Write for Google - will read text on a web page to you
    2. Grammarly - like spell-check, but will correct your grammar and punctuation also
    3. Dyslexia & Accessibility Tool - changes the font of web pages; easier to read if you struggle with reading
    4. Google Docs Quick Create - will create a new Google Doc/etc file with one click. This is great to use with Google Voice Typing to just get some writing down, by using your voice instead of your fingers, then you can use the "Move to Trash" command to just throw away the Google Doc.
    5. Tab Scissors - will easily let you view 2 tabs side-by-side
    6. Tab Glue - does the opposite of Tab Scissors - puts the tabs back together
    7. Screencastify - make a video and audio recording of your screen, including your voice 
    8. Google Translate - lets you translate a web page in your preferred language.
    9. EasyBib - when researching, easily keep track of sources or a bibliography
    10. DF YouTube (Distraction Free) - one of several extensions that hide the extra ads and content on YouTube, so you can focus on the video you're trying to learn from. Turn Out the Lights is another one
    11. Mercury Reader - cuts away the clutter from web pages
    12. Google Docs offline - Install this to edit your Google Drive files offline. There's one more step, once you've installed it.
    13. Awesome Screenshot - take screenshots of the screen, part of the screen, or the entire browser page (Shift-Ctrl-Switcher is good for most things though)
    14. Yellow Highlighter Pen for Web (marker.to) - Annotate and highlight text online