Degrees and Certifications:

B.A Liberal Studies M.A in Education: Concentration: Reading DES Credential: Child and Family Services - 2025

Mrs. Gerner

    Intro to Life Skills Management Syllabus

    Ms. Gerner 

Room-  NAZ 2

This course has been designed as an introductory level course to Life Skills Management YOU will have the opportunity to learn general principles, practices and leadership skills necessary to progress positively and to impact your family, school, workplace, and community, now and in the future. Life Skills Management is a required course for the career pathways offered through DHS Home Economics, gearing students towards the Culinary Arts and or Child Development careers.

Course Objective

 This course will provide classroom instruction, laboratory experiences, group participation, and many project opportunities for developing a basic holistic approach for maintaining one’s life skills through Discovering Your Design (DYD) in the following areas of:

  • Developing one’s character, confidence, personal skill development and leadership traits
  • Developing and understanding key concepts through group dynamics to include: logical reasoning, problem solving effective communication, both orally and written
  • Developing better relationships with family and friends
  • Raising, caring and educating children
  • Understanding health nutrition and the importance of staying fit and safe
  • Learning the basics of how to cook
  • Time and Money Management
  • Relating course content to real life situations
  • Developing personal meaning and expectations for the workforce in the Culinary and Child Development career pathways


Course Expectations

  1. Exhibit good attendance, and be in your seat when the tardy bell rings, ready to engage in each day’s lesson, project, or activity. You are responsible for knowing what is due and what happened in class if you are absent. Please gather missed work from the Resource board, located on the west wall. Touch base with your group members on class work that was completed in our interactive notebooks.  If further information is needed, see me after or before class. You will have one week to complete all missing assignments. 
  2. Talk only during appropriate times: Talking out of turn disturbs not only the person talking, but the people around them as well. Appropriate times are those when the teacher is done presenting and you are either doing group work or are instructed that it is okay to discuss things that pertain to the day's topic. If you have a question, raise your hand and wait to be called on.
  3. Ask permission to get up and move around the classroom: Wandering the room is a distraction to everyone. Seek permission at appropriate times if you need to leave your seat.
  4. Turn in work on time: Late work will be accepted, but will be docked by 50%. It is important to get into the habit of getting work done on time.
  5. Assignments/ interactive journals: You are required to keep track of each assignment on the assignment sheet and weekly journals in your binders. I will be looking at them weekly and I will collect them once per grading period to make sure that all assignments and notes are up to date.
  6. Request to Retest: On the west wall you will find a request to retest. This is to be used if you are interested in increasing a test score. You must fill out form completely and submit all supporting documents to me.
  7. Extra Credit Opportunities will be given during class participation and leadership groups and will only be redeemable on big individual projects and tests.
  8. Complete work in pencil or blue or black ink only.
  9. Label work properly: All work must include name, date, period and title in the upper right-hand corner of the page or it will not be graded!
  10. Daily participation is very important in this class as the projects and activities that are planned not only affect you but your fellow classmates. Speak up when appropriate. Offer your comments, suggestions and ideas in an orderly manner. What you have to say is important!
  11. Clean and return all equipment, supplies and materials to their appropriate places after you have used them. Help others even if you did not make the “mess”.
  12. Treat others as you expect to be treated… Be a courteous and open minded listener and respect other ideas and opinions.
  13. In order to keep a clean classroom, no food or beverages (with the exception of bottled water) will be allowed.
  14. Dismissal: You are to remain seated until the dismissal bell rings. You will be dismissed by the teacher, not the bell!
  15. School Rules: All School Rules apply. No Questions!
  16. Consequences: Violation of ANY rule/requirement will result in a minor or major referral.




 Please remember to demonstrate a positive attitude.  Help others without being asked.  Do more than is expected. Show initiative, encourage one another, value each other, and treasure this short but powerful time we have together to DYD (Discover Your Design).

Classroom Supplies

The following items will be needed to be successful in this class.  If you are unable to obtain supplies, please see me ASAP. All supplies will be needed by August 15th, 2016.

  • (2)  Composition notebooks
  • (1) 1 -2 inch binder
  • Highlighters (min. of 4 different colors)
  • Pencils & Pens (black and blue ink ONLY)
  • 3 in post it notes (several)


# Note that there may be other items students may need as we get into our fun projects, I will give plenty of notice. 

Criteria for Grading

  • Letter grades will be based on the grading criteria and course expectations outlined in this syllabus.  Grades issued at each grading period reflect the sum of the points you have earned as compared to the points possible during each evaluation period.
  • Your grade will come from Classroom Participation, Group and Leadership activities, Discussion Forum Responses, Homework, In-class assignments, Projects, Tests and Quizzes.
  • Written assignments will be graded based on content and grammatical and structural correctness. I’d like for you to strive to write in a professional manner.  It never hurts to have a fellow classmate and or parent proofread your work.
  • Rubrics will be utilized.  If you have questions and or concerns about your grades, please see me before and or after class.

Homework/Projects/Reports/ Interactive Journals/ Discussion Forums/Tests/ Quizzes

 = 70 % of Grade

Classroom Participation/ Group and Leadership Activities

=30 % of Grade


Grading scale

A = 90-100

B = 80-89                                                       

C = 70-79

D = 60-69

F =  0-69


The teacher reserves the right to make changes and updates to the course syllabus, and will give students updates in timely manner