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Degrees and Certifications:

BS: Biology Credential: Preliminary: Life Science - 2026

Mr. Fernandez

Biology Syllabus: Mr. Fernandez

Units: We study these units in this order. We are using multiple sources so be sure to check your calendar and google classroom frequently.

Semester 1
Unit 1: Science
Unit 2: Ecology
Unit 3: Cells
Fall Semester Final Exam (AKA “Midterm”) 10% of your grade

Semester 2
Unit 4: Protein Synthesis
Unit 5: Genetics & Heredity
Unit 6: Microevolution
Unit 7: PROJECT: Solutions to Global Environmental Problems
Spring Semester Final Exam (Spring Material Only) 10% of your grade

Standards: This class covers the Next Generation Science Standards for Life Science utilizing the Common Core Standards.

Expectations & Rules:

  1. Food and drinks (except water w/a lid) are not allowed. You have technology out as well as lab materials.
  2. Be on time & seated when the bell rings.
  3. Talk at the appropriate times and at the appropriate levels. When the late bell rings you are on MY TIME and my time ends when the bell rings again.
  4. Be respectful and mindful of yourself, others, classroom materials, and the teacher or substitute. Be prepared every day. There is NO FULL CREDIT FOR LATE WORK so plan your schedule accordingly. Set reminders on your devices. - Late work will be accepted up to 1 week after the due date for a maximum of 50% credit. Remember, sometimes done is better than perfect.
  5. Students in need of extra support will be invited to a weekly intervention opportunity.
  6. See me before/after school to ask specific questions about your grades. Class time is not the appropriate time.
  7. Keep all electronic equipment (phones, ipods, smart watches, etc.) silenced & in their proper location. Phones may only be out in the recharge station. You need to bring headphones/ear buds with you daily for use with your chromebooks.
  8. Acceptable Use Policies – Please follow all guidelines for technology & its acceptable use as outlined in your agenda. If in doubt, you most likely should not be doing it, even if you haven’t been caught yet.

Grades: Your grade is calculated according to the following categories and percentages.

30% Tests (7 tests/practical-lab exams/write-ups)
20% Quizzes/Quickwrites/Threaded Discussions (~40)
25% Labs/Projects (~30 – For both labs & projects, you will have some that are individual and others that are done in groups)
10% Final Exam
10% Science Notebook (comp book), Classwork, Homework, &  Packets
5% Participation (You have a weekly participation grade as well as a lab/activity participation grade)


  1. There will be approximately one quiz, lab, and/or Quick Write/Threaded Discussion per week.
  2. Homework (paper) will be turned in about once a week but reading the text (online) & studying vocabulary should be a regular evening activity. Online assignments & checkpoints may be checked daily.
  3. You will need to keep track of due dates as portions of our class are self-paced. Be ready to step outside of your comfort zone.
  4. This is a Chromebook classroom. Almost everything you need will be accessible online on (or accessed from) our Google Classroom page. You can access our work on your smartphone as well.

Success:  Achieved through studying, learning, using, and applying the vocabulary terms for each section of each chapter. Learn from the mistakes you make.

Please check the website if there are additional questions. It is your responsibility to get the work that you have missed (either from the website, from another student, or from the class/day slot)