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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Aerospace Engineering Credential: Mathematics 2026

Mr. Arreola

Class Objectives

  • Develop problem-solving and conceptual skills
  • Learn how to collaborate in a team environment
  • Develop critical thinking skills and learn how to verbalize your ideas
  • Master the Integrated Math material

Classroom Expectations

  • Be on time and prepared for class
  • Be respectful of the teacher and other students
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Cell phones must be off and stored in designated area during class
  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself     


    LATE WORK: Late work will be accepted until the day of each unit test.


  • Students will be required to attend tutorials for two days, doing extra work (studyguide) to prove mastery of the missed concepts, retesting on the third day.

  • Only students who receive a C, D or F may retake that test.

  • Retakes must be completed before the next test.

    TUTORIALS: Afterschool tutorials will be available to students Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:10 – 4:10. Tutorials will help students prepare for retake or make-up tests.

    TESTING DUE TO AN ABSENCE: Students will be required to make arrangements with the teacher to take the test he or she has missed, and the test must be made up within one week.

    EXTRA CREDIT: No extra credit will be given.

    CELL PHONES: All cell phones must be put away during class or it will be confiscated and taken to the office for his or her parent to pick up after school.


"It's ok to not know, BUT it's NOT ok to not try."