Mr. Kevin Franks

Phone: 595-7220 x2116


Degrees and Certifications:

Fresno State Alumni Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Preliminary Single Subject: English Credential. Expiration Date: 7/01/2021

Mr. Kevin Franks

Remind 101 info is provided on physical copy of syllabus.

Course Objective

Students will read and analyze a variety of fiction and nonfiction literature, including short stories, poetry, newspaper articles, web-based documents and primary sources, focused on an essential theme for each unit which will intensify in range of reading and level of text complexity as the year progresses. Analysis of the text will provoke questioning to be used as the basis for all verbal and written responses. In addition, grade-level appropriate Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) modules created and approved by college level educators are incorporated into the course to provide further assistance in ensuring students are college ready. In all, students will gather evidence from a variety of sources and synthesize that information to use in group discussions, digital media presentations and various writing assignments ranging in genre and length. Technology will be emphasized through teacher instruction and student application. Students will participate in small group and full-class discussions to practice active listening, to gain appreciation for differing perspectives and to apply ideas/knowledge in written responses. Skills will be tested through various performance tasks including writing, digital media projects, project-based assessments and objective formats. Students will obtain the proper knowledge outlined by the Common Core standards to pass the course and become college, career, and life ready.


Classroom Conduct

  1. Respect each individual and item in the classroom.
  2. When I am talking, everyone else is listening (I do not like to repeat myself).
  3. No lying or making excuses. Deceit is not tolerated and will result in the loss of trust.
  4. Remain in your assigned seat during all activities and until dismissed from class.
  5. Clean up after yourself. Return all borrowed items to their original place in the classroom; dispose of all trash.
  6. No gum popping. It is distasteful and annoying.
  7. No hats allowed in class. Remove them once inside the classroom.
  8. Arrive to class on time and attend class regularly (tardiness and unexcused absences will result in lunch detention, Saturday School, etc.). Your attendance is crucial to the learning process.    
  9. Come prepared to class each day with the appropriate tools (writing utensil, paper, books, etc.).
  10. Do not intrude the teacher’s working space. Stay out from behind the teacher’s desk.


It is crucial to attend each class session. Anywhere from two to four assignments will be completed each time class meets (expect more to be accomplished on block days). To receive the proper instruction for all assignments, it is imperative that you attend class on a regular basis. Good attendance displays respect, confidence, and eagerness to learn:  three components critical to success. Failure to be consistent with attendance may result in failure of the class. Be responsible and attend class regularly to avoid disciplinary action or receiving a score of zero on an assignment.  

Class Assignments

All work is to be completed neatly. Sloppiness is not allowed. Written assignments will be completed on lined binder paper in pencil or pen (any color but green) unless otherwise specified. Online assignments will be completed in various ways; specifics will be provided for each task. Standard type will be size 12 font in Times New Roman.

Homework is an extension of classwork and the skills meant to be built within a unit. Students are to turn in homework at the time the assignment is due and at the beginning of the class period. Failure to turn in any assignment at the designated time will result in a 25% penalty for each school day the assignment is late, i.e. if the assignment is due on Wednesday, turning it in on Thursday will be a 25% penalty, turning it in on Friday will be a 50% penalty and so on. I reserve the right to refuse late work after an extended period of time has passed since the designated due date.


If a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to receive any work he/she may have missed. Students and parents may follow me on Remind (see pg. 1) for homework reminders each time an assignment is due. Absent work will be placed in folders labeled by period in the hanging files on the corner of my desk. Students must retrieve the work prior to or at the beginning of the period when they return. Students may ask me about assignments or request further instructions before or after class. Absent work, including tests/quizzes, must be completed by the following class period.

NOTE: All online assignments must be turned in on the due date regardless of attendance. Work that is assigned online during an absence is still required to be turned in on the due date as well.    


There are no exceptions regarding assignments for those students involved in extracurricular activities. All assignments are due on time or prior to the due date. If you are unable to attend class due to a sporting event, field trip, etc., you must turn in the assignment prior to leaving. Blaming involvement in an extracurricular activity for failure to complete an assignment may result in a conference with your coach or advisor and an F on the assignment.


Technology Expectations--with the adoption of technology at our school, some expectations are in the process of being established for proper conduct and use of devices. Expectations are subject to change and grow as the year progresses.  Failure to comply with technology expectations will result in disciplinary action.


  1. Bring your device to school every day.
  2. Charge your device overnight to ensure full battery life for the duration of the school day.
  3. Use devices for course work only; no social media, shopping, gaming or unauthorized browsing.
  4. Keep your hands on your own devices; do not touch or use other students’ devices.
  5. Log in with your own password.
  6. Do not install/download programs or media content unless instructed to do so.
  7. Listen to and/or read explicit instructions before beginning an assigned task.
  8. Food and drinks must be in closed containers when devices are in use.
  9. No cell phones allowed in class.*Don’t try to be sneaky either.

*Students will place cell phones in a designated area in the classroom during each class period. The only time students will be allowed to have their phone in their possession during class will be if it is required for a class activity.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in disciplinary action.   


Culminating Activities

There will be an objective test and/or performance task at the conclusion of each unit. Students will always be notified of major tests in advance. Formative and summative assessments will be given throughout the year to test students’ mastery of the reading and writing Common Core state standards as addressed through class and homework activities. Other types of culminating activities will include projects, presentations and debates to assess listening and speaking abilities as per the Common Core state standards.

If a student is absent during a quiz/test or performance task, the student must make it up within one week of the original testing date (no exceptions). Make-ups may be required before or after school or during break or lunch. If a student knows he/she will be absent at the time of a test, the student will be expected to take the test prior to the absence.



If a student is in danger of failing or is in need of extra help within a unit of study, they may be assigned to attend lunch or after school tutorial. DHS offers three days of regular tutorial after school, and I will be one of the tutorial teachers (exact days tbd). Understanding that after school can be conflicting with student schedules, I will also offer lunchtime tutorials to accommodate for students unable to attend a session after school.


The Med Academy

English 9H for the Med Academy is treated just like the non-academy honors class. Students are of course held to a high standard and will more than likely find themselves with a heavy workload. I encourage students to utilize their time wisely and take advantage of the resources on campus; this includes seeking out help from teachers, attending tutorials, and addressing confusions within the classroom (not just mine).


Grading Policy

Each assignment is worth points added together at the end of the semester and divided by the total points possible resulting in a letter grade based on the following scale:


100%-89.5%   = A

89.4%-79.5%  = B

79.4%-69.5%  = C

69.4%-59.5%  = D

59.4%-below = F