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Degrees and Certifications:

AA: General Education BA: Social Science Minor: Biblical Studies Credential: Single Subject - Social Science and Biological Science - 2023 expires 2/1/2018

Mr. Seitz

Integrated Science 

Hard Work + Dedication = Success

Welcome to Integrated Science. This class fits the graduation requirements of a science course here at Dinuba High School. This class will require a strong individual and corporate effort from those students who want to pass. I am confident that each and every student can and will pass this class if he or she is willing to work hard and be dedicated to success. Never settle for less than your BEST. Si Se Puede!

Classroom Rules
1. Be on time and ready to work every day (in your seat, being productive from bell to bell).
2. Respect yourself and others (foul language and putdowns will not be tolerated).
3. Work hard. You are responsible for you!

Grades and Grading Scales
This class is divided up into six categories:

Homework/Classwork/Participation (15%)
Projects/Presentations/Labs (25%)
Scientific Notebook (10%)
Quizzes (15%)
Exams (25%)
Final Exam (10%)

Every assignment or assessment is worth a certain number of points, but each falls into one of the categories above, and is weighted accordingly.

Absences and Late Work
Any work missed due to an excused absence needs to be completed within two days of the absence to receive full credit (get notes, and figure out what was missed, from a reliable classmate). Late work will receive half credit and is due no later than two weeks after its due date. After this grace period, an assignment will not be accepted. All work, including missed labs, quizzes, and homework are due on the day of the exam and cannot be made up after a unit exam has been taken. Missed quizzes and tests must be made up outside of class time within one week of being administered. Quizzes and tests may be retaken for a better grade only after attending an intervention session (after school tutorial) within one week of being administered. Syllabus is subject to change!

Rules and Expectations
Phones must not be visible, and cannot be used in class at any time, unless otherwise specified. If given permission, earbuds may be used during Chromebook use, but NOT to listen to music. Bring your Science Notebook to class everyday, and keep it up to date. Take care of classroom materials, and clean up after yourself. This includes plugging in your Chromebook (in its own, numbered spot) at the end of the period. Finally, come to class with a good attitude, eager to learn just how awesome this universe is!