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Degrees and Certifications:

A.A. Degree B.A., English Credential: Single Subject - English-2023

Mrs. Scholl

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Course Background

English 9P is designed to prepare students for college.  Students are expected to assume the responsibility of completing the work for this class—including homework.  The pace of the course is brisk; the reading material is sophisticated and writing assignments will be in-depth.  English 9P is a rigorous course designed to challenge and build reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

 Course Goals

This course has been developed following the California State Standards in English Language Arts.  During this semester, you will study: short stories, expository texts, poetry, novels, and one Shakespearean tragedy.  Through the study of these texts, you will develop an increased proficiency in written and oral communication, speaking and listening skills, grammar, and vocabulary. You will also spend a great deal of time focusing on writing.  


Class Mission Statement

  • Be Here Now
  • Give 110%
  • Choose Joy


Teacher Expectations

1.      Be prepared.  That means students must bring the proper materials to class and have homework done.

2.      Be responsible.  Don’t make excuses, or blame others for your actions.  Take personal responsibility for your behavior and choices.

3.      Be respectful.  Treat others, as you would like to be treated.  Listen when others are talking.  Respect my classroom, the materials in it, and my instruction time.


Student Expectations

  • Students will read novels, short stories, a dramatic play and a variety of expository texts.  Students will develop understandings of the elements of literature, increase reading comprehension, increase critical thinking skills, and produce clear and concise essays.
  • Students will master writing assignments including essays, and a district-required literary analysis referred to as The Benchmark.
  • Students will be required to complete and respond to independent reading assignments to meet the requirement of 300 pages each semester.
  • Students will develop a varied vocabulary to be demonstrated in both writing and speaking assignments.  Assignments in grammar, spelling, and vocabulary will support this development.


Parent Expectations

  • Check your child’s School Planning Calendar for class work and homework assignments.
  • Review the assignments completed by your child to see if they are complete, neat, and correct.
  • Encourage your child to attend tutorial.


Classroom Rules—Mrs. Scholl

  1. Students will be at their desk when the bell rings.  Students who are not in their desk when the bell rings will receive a step.  Furthermore, students are dismissed by the teacher, not the bell.
  2. No electronic devices of any kind (including cell phones, MP3 players, IPods, etc.) are allowed during class time unless the teacher has given permission and it is being used for educational purposes. 
  3. Students will not be allowed to eat in class.  Drinks in containers with twist-on lids will be allowed unless problems arise.


Homework and Assignment Policies.

  • All students are expected to abide by Dinuba High School’s Honesty Policy.
  • At the teacher’s discretion, late homework may be accepted within two days of the assigned due date. Ten percent will be deducted for the assignment for each day the assignment is late.
  • Tests missed due to an excused absence must be made up during tutorial.


Course Materials—required in class each day

  • Composition Journal (teacher will provide)
  • Pencil and a Blue or black ball point pen
  • Current assignments and related materials


Grading Policy

100%-90% A     89%-80% B     79%-70% C     69%-60% D     Below 59% F



Homework 30%, Tests 25%, Essays 30%, and Independent Reading 15%

(Teacher reserves the right to change the weight of these categories as she sees fit)


Dinuba High School Assertive Discipline Plan

Students will receive steps for breaking any Dinuba High School or class rule.  Steps will also be given for any behavior that is disruptive to the learning environment of this class, and for any actions that are inappropriate.

One Step                      Verbal warning

Step Two                      Student/Teacher/Parent Contact

Step Three                    Teacher/Parent Conference and Detention

Counselor Intervention Conference with Counselor/Teacher/Parent/Student

Step Four                      Counselor/Parent Conference and Class Suspension

Step Five                      Assistant Principal/Parent Conference and Class Suspension

Step Six                        Removal from class with WF.  No credit and No grade.