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B.A. Social Science Credential: Social Science - 2025

Mr. Padilla

World History

10 Units


Mr. Padilla

Room 508

Department Tutorial: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students will study the major turning points that shaped the modern world, from the late nth century through the present, including the cause and course of the two world wars. Students will also trace the rise of democratic ideas and develop an understanding of the historical roots of current world issues, especially as they pertain to international relations. Successful completion of this 10 unit course is required to graduate from Dinuba High School.

TEXT: Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction


1. Assessments: Assessments will include tests, quizzes, writing benchmarks & projects. (50% of grade)

2. Classroom Assignments: Most assignments will be worksheets or completed on Google Classroom. (50% of grade)

GRADING SCALE: The following percentages (of the total points possible) will determine your final grade.

90% - 100%    A

80% - 89%      B

70% - 79%     C

60% - 69%     D

0% - 59%     F

ASSIGNMENT POLICY: Assignments can be turned in for full credit anytime during a unit. After the unit is over, assignments will be accepted for half credit only. Unit tests can be made up for full credit after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only until the end of the next unit.

Extra Credit: Extra Credit will be available throughout the year with Kahoot & other classroom activities. If a student is absent they forfeit the opportunity for extra credit credit that day. Extra Credit will be no more than 5% of a student's grade.


1. Restroom Breaks: Ask teacher first, must take pass, & leave cell phone

2. Be in your seat when the bell rings

3. No Food, Water only, Gum OK

4. Come to class prepared and ready to work: bring binder, agenda, paper, pen, or pencil everyday

5. Show respect at all times which includes: not interfering with class/teacher, not sleeping in class, not quitting work early, not defacing desks/school property and not using inappropriate language

6. Follow Mr. Padilla's posted electronic device procedures

7. All school rules found in agenda apply in the classroom: this includes electronic devices, cheating, etc.

Failure to follow rules the classroom rules will result in detention at lunch or steps


1. The Electronic Device Policy will be strictly enforced in this classroom

2. The Classroom Step Policy will be strictly enforced in this classroom

3. The School Dress Code Policy will be strictly enforced in this classroom including no hoodies worn in the classroom

4. The Negative Attendance Policy will be strictly enforced in this classroom

5. All work turned in must have a full name and be on the top front side of the paper. Points will be deducted for failing to comply.

6. No named papers are THROWN AWAY

7. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what work you are missing once you return from an absence. Check online calendar, check shelves, ask students, ask teacher

8. Students made complete a make-up assignment to improve a D or F grade on a test. The assignment will be available after test grades have been posted. The assignment can improve a test grade by ten percent


1. Revolutions 

2. Industrial Revolution 

3. New Imperialism (Gandhi PG)

4. Causes & course of World War I (The Promise PG-13) 

5. Effects of World War I (All Quiet On The Western Front NR).

6. Totalitarian Governments (Swing Kids PG-13) 

7. World War II (Schindler's List R*) 

8. Cold War

* Permission Letter will be sent at a latter date 

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Mr. Padilla's Electronic Devices Procedures

1. All Electric Devices, including Cell Phones & Ear Buds must be put away & silenced one minute before the bell rings each day

2. Cellphones must be surrendered to the teacher for remainer of the period before going to the restroom

3. No charging phones/listening to music on Chromebooks

4. Charging Phones for "C" students and above only

5. "A & B" students will be able to listening to music with their electronic devices at designated times