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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Spanish M.A. Bilingual Education Credential: Single Subject: Spanish - 2026

Mr. Kriegbaum

Course Syllabus

Español 1/Spanish 1           Sr.  Kriegbaum

“High thoughts must have high language.” Aristophanes


1. Be on time to class.

2. Participate in all class activities.

3. Bring your binder of materials and/or other learning tools.

4. Act honestly in all aspects of the class.

5. Be kind. Life is tough all over.

Issues of importance in my class . . .

Food, gum, or soda can stain the carpet.  Drinking water is OK since spills don’t damage the carpet.

Impolite speech – remember always that this is a public place and requires careful language 100% of the time

Interrupting class – Talking, texting can be a big problem. 

           Use of Spanish - do it! Everyone is a student in here. No one is perfect. No one will ever be. But, you will be constantly judged by every word you use.

Semester grade is out based on points earned.

Speak Spanish every chance you are given.

Your letter grade is calculated as follows:

A= 90 – 100+     B= 80 - 89     C= 70 - 79     D= 60 - 69

What the FAQ:

 Quizzes are announced.

 You may find it necessary to study even when no written work is assign to be done out of class.

 All work can be done in a reasonable time frame. See the teacher for specific details if work is late. Teacher will announce the final day in each semester on which all work is due.

 Oral participation means listening with your ears and then responding.  

The next Spanish course (next year) requires a “C” or better in this class. 

 I believe in trusting you as students to do the work of learning, but I will contact you first, and then your parents if I see unexplainable problems in your Spanish development.

 Class websites with stuff for each chapter:

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Drive
  • flipgrid