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Degrees and Certifications:

BA: Social Science MA: Special Education Credentials: Single Subject - Social Science -2025 Education Specialist Instruction - 2025

Mrs. Kiehn


  1. Respect
    1. Speak politely and appropriately to every student in class, and listen to what is said.
    2. Speak politely and appropriately to Mrs. Kiehn and any adult who may be in the room.
    3. Stay away from Mrs. Kiehn’s desk, and don’t touch anything of Mrs. Kiehn’s. This includes staying out of her cabinets and file drawers.
  2. Being Responsible
    1. Turning in homework when it is due.
    2. Being in your seat ready to start work when the bell rings, and have phone put into the phone pockets in the front of the class.
    3. Having the stuff needed for class here in class every day.
  3. Participation
    1. Read when asked to read.
    2. Work in a group when assigned.
    3. Do work in class when it is an in class assignment.
  4. Making an Effort
    1. Attempt every assignment.
    2. Do all you are capable of doing.
    3. Don’t say things in class that are not appropriate.


Social Issues Through Film Syllabus

SocialIssuesThroughFilmSyllabus .docx


AP US History Syllabus