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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Liberal Studies M.A. in Education Credential: Multiple Subject 2021 CLAD Certificate

Ms. S. Herevia


Ms. S. Herevia

Room 543

Dinuba High School



Students have the right to learn

Teachers have the right to teach


The teacher will follow the Assertive

Discipline Policy of Dinuba High School


Student Responsibilities:

  1. Attendance and class participation

  2. Be on time, prepared and ready to work. Stay on task until finished.

  3. Show respect for authority, teacher, students, yourself, class materials and school property.

  4. Do not disrupt the learning process.

  5. Do your best work at all time.


Classroom Atmosphere

  1. No food, drinks (only water) or gum in the classroom

  2. Help keep the room neat and clean


Your grade will be determined by: 1) oral classroom participation, 2) quizzes, tests, and projects, 3) class work and homework.


Oral class participation is important. Participation is ecouraged/expected/required in English. Class attendance and being on time with your class materials is expected. Having a positive attitude can help you to stay on task and be better prepared to participate and earn points for your class grade.  

All homework assignments must be completed and turned in by the date given by the teacher to receive credit.

Tests and quizzes will consists of of both written and multiple choice answers.  Chapter quizzes will be given and the completion of each chapter. Unit tests will be given at the completion of all chapters in the unit assigned.

Students will be able to make-up missed assignnments due to an excused absence. It is the student's reponsibility to make-up the work as soon as possible. Full credit will be given for make-up work if done within three school days of the excused absence. After this time, the student will have four more school days to make up the work for half the credit of the assignment missed. After the seventh school day of the excused absence, the student will no longer be able to make up the worked missed, unless an arrangement is made between the teacher and the student's parent within that specific time frame. 


It is important to arrive to class on time with class materials and text book and be seated in assigned seat by the time the bell rings. Failure to do so, will result in an "unexcused tardy."


Please join me in making 2017-2018 a great school year! 

Please feel free to contact me at 595-7220 ext. 2543




A= 90-100%            

B= 80-89%          

C= 70-79%           

D= 60-69%            

F= BELOW 60%       


60%= Tests/Quizzes

20%= Class Work/Homework

20%= Oral Language/Projects