Mr. Gonzalez

Phone: 559-595-7220 ext 2117


Degrees and Certifications:

BA: UCLA Major Psychology Minor Education ELA single subject teacher credential National University: EXP. 9/1/2021 Masters in Educational Leadership with Administrative services credential Fresno State University

Mr. Gonzalez

Classroom Rules

•    Treat others as you would like to be treated

•    Be a good listener

•    Be respectful and polite

•    Respect yourself and do the work

•    Respect your peers and allow them to do their work

•    Respect your abilities and ask questions

•    Respect your teacher and pay attention and listen while he is talking

•    Respect this classroom and pick up after your self

•    Be prepared for class

•    No drinks, no food

•    ---Exception- Water with lid on top to stop spilling

•    Enter the classroom quietly and get ready for instruction

•    The bell does not dismiss you the teacher does

•    Follow all school rules (Follow Dress Code!)


Classroom Expectations

*Work hard and try your best
*Realize there are consequences for every action
*Mature more as a student and person
*Respect your teacher and peers at all times
*Begin to set goals for future
*Take steps to accomplish goals
*Positive attitude
*Ask questions
*Contribute to a positive classroom environment
*Keep room clean
*Be polite (raise your hand, stay seated, listen, inside voices)