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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Science M.S. Environmental Studies Credential: Single Subject - Life Science - 2022

Mr. Dutra

Biology Syllabus: Mr. Dutra

Units: We study these units in this order. We are using an online book program but listed below are the chapters for a classroom resource book.

Semester 1

Unit 1: Science (chapter 1)

Unit 2: Ecology (chapters 2 - 5)

Unit 3: Cells (chapters 6 - 9)

Unit 4: DNA (chapters 11 & 13)

Fall Semester Final Exam (AKA “Midterm”)


Semester 2

Unit 5: Genetics & Heredity (chapters 10 & 12)

Unit 6: Microevolution (chapters 14 and 15)

Unit 7: PROJECT: Solutions to Global Environmental Problems

Unit 8: Physiology (chapters 34 - 38)

 Viruses, Bacteria, & Disease (chapters 18 and 39)

Spring Semester Final Exam (Spring Material Only)


Standards: This class covers the Next Generation Science Standards for life science utilizing the Common Core Standards.


Expectations & Rules:


  1. Food, drinks (except water w/a lid), & gum are not allowed. You have technology out as well as lab materials.
  2. Be on time & seated when the bell rings.
  3. Talk at the appropriate times and at the appropriate levels. 
  4. Be respectful and mindful of yourself, others, classroom materials, and the teacher. Be prepared every day. There is NO FULL CREDIT FOR LATE WORK so plan your schedule accordingly. Set reminders on your devices. - Work will be accepted up to 1 week after the due date for a maximum of 50% credit.
  5. See me before/after school to ask specific questions about your grades. Class time is not the appropriate time.
  6. Keep all electronic equipment (phones, ipods, MP3’s, etc.) silenced & in their proper location.  You need to bring headphones/ear buds with you daily for use with your chrome books.
  7. Acceptable Use Policies – Please follow all guidelines for technology & its acceptable use as outlined in your agenda. If in doubt, you most likely should not be doing it, even if you haven’t been caught yet.

Grades: Your grade is calculated according to the following categories and percentages.

30% Tests (7 tests/practical-lab exams/write-ups)

20% Quizzes/Quick Writes/Threaded Discussions (~40)

25% Labs/Projects (~30 – For both labs & projects, you will have

some that are individual and others that are done in groups)

10% Final Exam

15% Science Notebook (comp book), Classwork, Homework, &  Packets