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Mr. Clark

World History P

Course outline – 2016-2017  

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Course Description


In this course students examine major turning points in the shaping of the modern world, from the late eighteen century to the present.  The term begins with an introduction to current world issues and then continues with a focus on the expansion of the West and the growing interdependence of people and cultures throughout the world

This course is a graduation requirement.


Course Units


Unit One - Moral and ethical principles of Western Civilization

Unit Two - The rise of democracy in Western Civilization

Unit Three - The effects of the Industrial Revolution

Unit Four - Patterns of global change under “New Imperialism”

Unit Five - The causes and course of the World War I

Unit Six - The effects of World War I

Unit Seven - The rise of totalitarian governments

Unit Eight - The causes and consequences of World War II

Unit Nine - International developments in the post-World War II world

Unit Ten - Nation building in the contemporary world




Dinuba High School Assertive Discipline Rules will be enforced. (See student agenda for specific rules.)

Students must be in their seat when the bell rings

All technology must be in a backpack. (See student agenda for specific rules about cell phones and other technology.

Restroom visits should be kept to a minimum.




Assignments will be graded on a point system.  The following grading scale will be used:

“A” = 100-90%

“B” = 89-80%

“C” = 79-70%

“D” = 69-60%

“F” = Below 60%





Grade breakdown


Unit Tests (includes midterm and final) – worth approximately 50% of the total points possible.

Quizzes – worth approximately 25% of the total points possible.

Other assignments (homework, in class activities) – worth approximately 25% of the total points

All assignments must be completed. 

Parents will be notified of missing assignment via Parentlink.

Late work is not accepted unless the student has an excused absence for the day missing. (See student agenda for specific rules concerning class work and unexcused absences.)

Students have until the end of the following unit to complete all assignments (Unit Tests, Study Guides, and Quizzes).

Once again, only assignments missed on days that a student was excused will be allowed to made up.


Unit Test and Quiz make ups are to be made up after school between 3:00 and 4:00 PM.


Cheating on tests, quizzes, and other assignments is against school rules. (See student agenda for Honesty Policy.



Personal note


I am looking forward to exploring the past and present with you.  I promise to work hard to teach you the most important principles of World History.  Please sign this paper and have your parent sign it after reading it if you promise to work as hard as you can to grasp the principles of world history.

Parents, please contact me if you have any questions about your child’s performance in my class. I look forward to hearing from you.



S. Clark

World History Instructor

Rm. 522

Phone – (559)595-7220  ext. 2522




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