Ms. Schmidt

Phone: (559)595-7290


Degrees and Certifications:

Clear California Multiple Subject Credential CSU Long Beach

Ms. Schmidt

A Great Start:

Help your child to have as good a start as possible in Kindergarten with these Readiness Skills: 

  1. Tying, zipping, buttoning, and snapping
  2. Counting from 1 to 20
  3. Recognizing and naming numerals from 0 to 10
  4. Recognizing and naming the following colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, black, purple, brown, gray, pink, and white.
  5. Recognizing his/her name in print

Rest and Nutrition-Make sure that your child gets at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Please make sure your child has something to eat before sending them to school. Good nutrition and rest are vital to your child's learning. 

Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten:

  1. Be sure your child knows how he is getting home each day.
  2. Please put first and last names in ALL articles that might be left at school, such as sweatshirts, jackets, backpacks, etc.
  3. Emphasize that toys must be left at home or teacher will take them.
  4. Help your child hold a pencil correctly & practice writing letters in the standard manuscript form that I will send home.
  5. And most of all, please don't worry about your child, I will take excellent care of him/her.


Emergency Card -This information is vital. It allows us to contact you in case of an emergency. Please notify the office if there are ever any changes to be made throughout the year. Parents must provide a working phone number at all times.


Snack Time at School-Snacks are NOT provided Monday - Thursday. If you feel your child really needs to bring a snack from home, please speak to me. Each Friday our "Student of the Week" has the opportunity to provide snacks for the entire class. A snack schedule will be sent home. 


Home/School Communication-Each child will be given a Roosevelt Daily folder.  This folder is to go to and from school EACH day. Please check the folder DAILY for any notes from the teacher and the teacher will check for any notes sent from home. If the folder gets badly torn, please buy a new one. 

>>Sign up for Class Dojo to get text & email updates.


Communication Tools

1)Roosevelt Folder


3)Class Calendar 

4)School Office 595-7290


6) CLASS DOJO-please be sure to write your email address on today’s sign in sheet. 

 Daily Routines:


  • Arrive 5 minutes prior to class starting
  • Put daily folder in the basket (Thursdays also put homework folder in basket)
  • Place the name card in the attendance pocket chart
  • Hang the backpack in the closet
  • Go to the bathroom/get a drink
  • Get a book and sit on the carpet to read until class starts



Sick Days


  • Call the office on the sick day
  • Doctor’s note is required to return to class
  • Pick up missed assignments & homework on the sick day.
  • BE ON TIME to class everyday



Clothing and Shoes-Your child will be working hard in Kindergarten. They need to wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes that are appropriate for running, sitting on the floor, painting and sand play. Please refer to the school's dress code for more details. No flip flops, halters or spaghetti straps.


School Hours-AM Class begins at 11:35 and is dismissed at 2:55 pm. Students should arrive no earlier than  11:30 AM. FOGGY DAY SCHEDULE- 11:35-2:55. 



Star of the Week-Each week one child will be assigned to be the Star of the Week. This program encourages self-esteem & helps us get to know your child better. The Star of the Week's privileges include: completing the Star poster, being the teacher's special helper, & bringing a healthy snack & drink for the class on Friday. Please make sure to sign up for a date that is convenient for your child to be the Star..


 I am trying to make your child's birthday a meaningful one, while at the same time reducing the amounts of sugar children are exposed to. 

  • Keep the fun, yet please limit sugar
  • Please do not bring cupcakes, cake, punch, or balloons to class. 
  • Sign up for Star of the Week close to your child’s birthday


Roosevelt Library

Keep the book in the bag, return book & bag each week

  • 1 book per week
  • The entire class goes to the library together
  • Keep the book in the bag
  • Library Day-return book in bag
  • Book & bag required to check out a new book
  • Replacement costs-Bag $2.00, Book $5-$25

Our library day is Wednesday. Please return library books to the teacher by the beginning of class on our Library Day. 




  • Tissues



Roosevelt School has 3 rules:

Respect Myself

Respect Others

Respect Our School & Property


Students start the day with their name the green level of our behavior chart. As the day goes on, he/she may clip up his/her name by displaying excellent behavior such as:

  • Listening
  • Participation
  • Working with care on tasks
  • Caring for others

At dismissal time, students who have their name on green level or higher will get a stamp on his/her hand (Mrs. Schmidt). This serves as a School-to-Home communication of your child’s behavior for the day.

IF a student has a day with difficult behavior, he/she will clip down to yellow. IF he/she continues to have a problem, his/her name will clip down to orange or red, and the teacher will notify you. Students who have clipped down to orange or red at the end of the day will not get a hand stamp. This also is a communication of your child's performance during the day.


From time to time, students will be awarded with a toy from the Treasure Box.  (We would love more donations for our Treasure Box. Remember us when you clean out toys at home.)


Homework Policy

Homework is sent home on Monday. 

Students return homework on Thursday.

  The Homework Folder with pages inside will be sent home for completion.

Here are some supplies you will need for homework assignments:

  •  Pencils
  •  Eraser
  •  Crayons
  •  Scissors
  •  Glue or gluestick


Homework focuses on many K skills, AND the biggest focus will be upon: 

  • Letters/Sounds
  • Reading the Sight Word List
  • Counting to 100 by 1’s & 10’s
  • Numeral Recognition to 20
  • Writing numbers 0-20


Please take care of flash cards that are sent with the homework. Practice flash cards in many different ways. 

>>We will test your child regularly upon these skills.  

>>>Look for ESGI test report that will be included in the Homework Folder.


 Daily reading program-probably beginning Trimester 2

Parent permission slip needed first

Sent home Mon.-Thurs.

New book twice a week

Read at least 5 times each day 

In addition to homework, students bring home the Reading Envelope daily Monday-Thursday. Read the book at least 5 times, sign and return EVERYDAY. IF A BOOK IS LOST, THE STUDENT WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY $5.00 TO REPLACE THE BOOK.


TRANSPORTATION - Keep Routines Consistent

  • Written notification is needed at least 1 hr before class ends
  • Bus riders, adults meet students @ bus stop
  • Walk/car riders - drop off/ pick up by classroom.  No parking in red bus zone. PLEASE PARK IN THE SOUTH PARKING LOT AND ENTER THE SOUTH GATE. 
  • The gate in front of the K classrooms will be unlocked for PM kindergarteners to enter at 11:30.


Parent Volunteers

  • Room Parents-Parties & Roosevelt Rampage
  • Helpers during Centers Time**

             You can either come the same day each week OR

             schedule an individual day to come

  • Field trip chaperones** and Special Event assistance (work ahead to go through identification procedures)
  • Preparing materials at home
  • Donations of materials to the class


**Identification Procedures required in the office; don’t wait until the day of the field trip


Field Trips-This year we hope to have a February field trip to the Fire Station and a May field trip to the zoo. 

Communication (one more time)

1)Roosevelt Folder

2)Notes in the Roosevelt folder

3)Class Calendar 

4)School Office 595-7290


6) CLASS DOJO-please be sure to write your email address on today’s sign in sheet OR email me with your cell #/email address 


Kindergarten English Language Arts Common Core Standards


Kindergarten Math Common Core Standards