Welcome to the Curriculum Department

  • The vision of the Curriculum Department is to be an active
    participant in the Dinuba Unified learning community as it
    empowers students to be successful in the world as it will be.
    Adding value to the Dinuba Unified learning community by:

      • Using reliable research and district data;
      • Creating and maintaining a challenging curriculum;
      • Delivering relevant and engaging professional development, and
      • Providing aligned and meaningful assessments.
    We Commit Ourselves to:
      • Building positive relationships;
      • Being active listeners;
      • Working collaboratively;
      • Implementing best practices based on data; and
      • Planning and implementing relevant and engaging staff development.
    Our Beliefs:
      • The highest goal is adding value to each student;
      • The teacher is the key to success;
      • Quality staff development is necessary to engage teachers; and
      • Data must drive decision making. 

    Curriculum House

    Dinuba Unified School District
    Annex House
    1327 East El Monte Way
    Dinuba, CA 93618
    Ph  559-595-7325
    Fax 559-591-3012