• Bitwise is many things.

    1. TEACH - They train people for technology jobs at Bitwise Workforce Training.

    Classes are 6 hours per week, for 6 weeks, $250 per class. Classes run almost non-stop throughout the year

    2. LEASE BUILDINGS - As people build their skills, there are paid internships and technology startup companies that are born. 

    They lease space for these tech startup companies. Many of these grow until they need bigger and bigger space. 

    They are buying more and more space throughout downtown Fresno (see images below).

    3. CODE - If a company or non-profit wants to build a website or an app, Bitwise Technology Consulting contracts with them for those projects.

    People that they train at Bitwise Workforce Training might be a part of a tech startup, or they might work for Bitwise Technology Consulting.


    More significant than all of this, Bitwise has an incredible heart, a remarkable community, and a tremendously compelling vision

    Bitwise is about PEOPLE.

    Bitwise is about HOPE.

    Bitwise is raising up this valley.

    Bitwise is growing in Fresno.

    Bitwise is in the process of reproducing in Bakersfield, Merced, Oakland...and around the country!

    Students graduating from High School in the Central Valley no longer have to move to the Bay Area or Southern California to pursue a high-paying technology job!

    Students at Sierra Vista that are interested in this should take Coding or Computer Science. These classes are a great way to prepare you for the Bitwise Workforce Training classes.

    We took a field trip to visit Bitwise on January 17, 2020. There was so much student interest, that we had to turn away some students! What a great problem to have!

    We plan to go again when COVID policies allow.

    Here are directions to get from Dinuba to BitWise South Stadium.

  • Best Jobs 2021 - U.S. News & World Report

    Software Developer:

    #1 in Best Technology Jobs

    #2 in 100 Best Jobs

    Median Salary: $107,510

    Unemployment Rate: 1.4%

    Number of jobs: 316,000


    This list considers jobs that:

    • pay well

    • challenge us year after year

    • match our talents and skills

    • aren't too stressful

    • offer room to advance throughout our careers

    • provide a satisfying work-life balance

    • are in demand