Mrs. Teresa Enns



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Teresa Enns

Getting to Know Mrs. Enns

Professional Background:

* Liberal Studies Degree (BA)

* Professional Clear Teaching Credential - expires 1/1/2021

* Fresno Pacific College 

Teaching Experience:

* 39th year teaching third grade at Grand View School.

grades 2-6 in after-school Migrant Programs at GV

* Also taught:

            grades 2-4 in DUSD Summer School

            high school student tutors during Summer School

            28 student teachers (FPU & CSUF college students training to be teachers)

            other teachers (throughout the state at conferences and various districts’ in-services - Math & ELA)

            teachers and students in Thailand (4 summers)


Personal Experience:

* Married for 38+ years


Spare Time:

* Reading, traveling, gardening, scrapbooking


Favorite Things:

* Jesus, husband, family & friends, good attitudes and manners, positive people, hard workers, sense of humor, books, adventure, sushi, coffee, & dark chocolate …


Pet Peeves:

* Unkindness, lack of effort, sloppiness, bad attitudes, & littering…


“I promise you, every day your child will learn something. Some days they’ll bring it home in their hands.

Some days they’ll bring it home in their heads.  And some days they’ll bring it home in their hearts.”