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TCOE SELPA Parent Resources & Parent Liaisons

TCOE SELPA Resources

Our school district is part of a larger collective of schools known as a Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA).  The Tulare County Office Of Education serves as the administrative body for our Tulare County SELPA.  In addition to serving students, our SELPA provides free trainings to staff and parents.  A list of the trainings can be found at the Special Services Calendar of Events 23-24 Professional Development Opportunities for Staff

The California Department of Education - Diagnostic Center of Central California also provides free Professional Development Opportunities Diagnostic Center, Central California.

Resources for Parents

Community Advisory Committee for Special Education - CAC

CAC Topics for the 2023-2024 School Year

Parent Trainings and Support Groups

Diagnostic Center, Central California.

Tulare County SELPA

Tulare County Office Of Education


TCOE Parent Liaisons

Malinda Furtado, Parent Liaison (559)730-2910 Ext.5125

Stephanie Caldera, Parent/School Liaison (559)740-4321 Ext.6528

Jessica Ceja, Parent/School Liaison (559)730-2910 Ext.5155

Joy Voita, Parent Liaison (559)730-2910 Ext.5125

 Parent Liaisons:

  • Facilitate parent-school communication
  • Facilitate community agency referrals
  • Encourage parent involvement in the school
  • Foster trust between parents and the educational community
  • Foster higher academic achievement through collaboration with school personnel

  The primary role of the Parent Liaison is to empower parents to become active participants in the education of their children. Targeted are those parents who:

  • Need help in determining how best to help their children
  • May need clarification of their role in the educational process
  • Need assistance in making connections and accessing services