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Sick Leave AB1522

The Healthy Workplace, Healthy Families Act of 2014 California’s New Sick Leave Law

Eligible Employees:
This law applies to school district employees who do not currently earn sick leave, including substitutes,
temporary and short-term employees, seasonal employees, student workers, and part-time playground aides.

Usage of Leave:
 Paid sick leave may be used for the following reasons:
   o Diagnosis, care or treatment of an existing health condition of, or preventative care, for the employee
      or a family member.
   o For needs related to the employee being the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.
   o Family members are defined as: child of any age, a stepchild, foster child; parent or guardian, foster
      parent, stepparent, parent-in-law; spouse or registered domestic partner; grandparent; grandchild;
      and sibling.
 No negative accruals will be allowed, meaning time cannot be claimed before it is accrued.
 The minimum increment of time to be used is 2 hours. The maximum amount that can be claimed for any
   one day is the total of the job assignment for that day. For example, if a four (4) hour job is offered to a
   substitute and sick leave is claimed for that day, only four (4) hours of paid leave can be claimed.

Accrual of Leave:
 For every one hour worked, eligible employees will accrue .033 hours of paid sick leave, resulting in one(1) hour of available paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked.
 The sick leave accrual will be capped at 48 hours annually.
 Unused sick leave accrual will be carried over from year to year. However, the total accrual will still be
   capped at 48 hours.

How to Access Payment for Accrued Leave:

Eligible employees are responsible for properly and timely reporting absences for which they want paid
leave. The following steps are necessary to ensure proper payment is received.

Eligible employees must email their request for sick leave no later than 10 AM the morning of the absence.

Email Alyssa M. Mendoza or call 595-7200  Ext: 9091.
 Certificated Substitutes must cancel any previously accepted job assignment when necessary for health
reasons, and then email or call Alyssa Mendoza to request to use Sick Leave accrued. Failure to email or call will
result in no payment for accrued sick leave.
 No payment will be made if the Accrued Leave balance is less than 2 hours.
 If the Accrued Leave balance is more than two (2) hours the payout will equal the balance of the leave up to the hours of the missed assignment.

Here are some example:
1. The Accrued Leave totals 2.25 hours. The missed assignment is for four (4) hours. In this
case the payout would be 2.25 hours, the total of the accrued leave.
2. The Accrued Leave is 3.75 hours. The missed assignment is 3 hours. In this case the payout
would be for 3 hours, leaving .75 hours of Accrued Leave.
3. The .75 hours of Accrued Leave remaining in Example 2, cannot be utilized until the
Accrued Leave reaches the two (2) hour minimum.

When will I be paid for the sick time be?
 Sick leave pay will be made on the same schedule as all other time pay.

It is the personal responsibility of each employee to promptly and properly request their need to utilize sick leave. Payment will not be made for absences reported later than 10 AM on any day sick leave is to be utilized.The only exception to this would be the rare instance when the assignment was not offered until after 10AM. In those situations the absence can be reported up until the start time of the assignment that was declined.