Mr. Timothy Krahn

Phone: (559) 595-7259


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Emphasis: Network Security Credentials: Single subject Teaching Credential: Designated Subject

Mr. Timothy Krahn



Classroom Objectives:



Class Objectives will be a focal point of learning for all Naval Science Classes.  After each objecigve is presented in class, students will be expected to demonstrateknowledge of those objective on a continuing basis during classes discussions, inspections, and on quizzes and tests.  


NS-1 Demonstrate knowledge of or porficiency in all NS-1 objectives plus:

-Proper wearing of the NJROTC Uniform

-U.S. Navy and NJROTC Enlisted Ranks

-Regulations Drill to include the AMI Basic Routine

-General Orders and Chain of Command


NS-2 Demonstrate knowledge of or proficiency in all NS-1/NS-2 Objectives plus:

-Command a Platoon in the AMI Basic Routine

-Military Time

-U.S. Navy and NJROTC Officer Ranks


NS-3 Demonstrate knowlege of or proficiency in all NS-1/NS-2/NS-3 Objective plus:

-Service Academics 

-Father of "sea power" Alfred Thayer Mahan: The Influence of Sear Power Upon Histroy. 


NS-4 Demonstrate knowlege of or proficiency in all NS-1/NS-2/NS-3/NS-4 Objective plus:

-Maintaining an attitude of respect for constituted authority at all times


1. The overview below will help you understand teh Dinuba High School NJROTC program.  

  a. Grading system:  

  b. Uniform Days: The DHS uniform will be worn all day on the days assigned Uniform Day (Every Thursday).  Cadets WILL NOT change out of uniform)

  c. Proper Wearing of Uniform: All cadets are expected to wear the uniform properly at all tiems.  All uniform made ups must be made up the Next Day.  

  d. Uniform Make-up Policy:  In the event of an excused absence, the Make Up day for full credit will be the day before or the day day after the assigned uniform day.  

  e. Uniform Inspection Grade:  Each inspection will be 100 points.  If uniform is not worn all day cadet will lose 25 points. 

  f. Policy for Physical Training (P.T. ) uniform:  The policy of P.T. is to dress out the day of.  If not dressed out the cadet will lose 20 points.  Participation is mandatory for all cadets unless of a  dotor's note.  

  g. Important Events:  

        i.  The annual Military Inspection (AMI) is a mandotory event for all NJROTC Cadets.  The exact day of th einspection will be announced at a later date.  If cadet has an appointment please write a note and let the instructor(s) know two week prior.  

   h. Awards Night: Awards night is mandatory all cadets will attend.  It is an evening of notice for all cadets who have performed on one of the competition teams throughout the year and/or earn a personal award.