• Dinuba Unified Schools are Currently Closed 

    Dear Dinuba Unified Community:

    The Governing Board has extended our distance learning program and the physical closure of our schools through May 29.   Your school principal will communicate distance learning assignment due dates and closing procedures for this school year. Stay tuned for details.



    Las Escuelas del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Dinuba Están Cerradas

    Estimada Comunidad de las Escuelas Unificada de Dinuba:

    La Mesa Directiva ha extendido nuestro programa de aprendizaje a distancia y el cierre físico de nuestras escuelas hasta el 29 de mayo. El director de su escuela comunicará las fechas de vencimiento de las tareas de aprendizaje a distancia y los procedimientos de cierre para este año escolar. Estén atentos para obtener más detalles.


    Tulare County Health and Human Services - COVID -19 Resources

    Pick Up 3

    Pick Up 3

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    Welcome to Lincoln Elementary School!  Lincoln School is committed to creating a learning environment that is positive, challenging, and safe, with an amazing curriculum, for all students.  Here at Lincoln, we believe that all students can succeed.  Students are held to high expectations both behaviorally and academically.  Our teachers strive to create lessons and units that require high levels of critical thinking, problem solving, and student engagement.  We serve students from transitional Kindergarten through 6th grade.  We have an awesome staff of caring employees who take great pride in their school and our community.

    Our students have opportunities to participate in a variety of community events led by our staff.  Lincoln School is home to the famous Lincoln Kazoo Band!  Other events include Peach Blossom, the Lincoln Robotics Club, and a variety of performing arts activities.  We have an outstanding Booster Club which helps to provide additional activities and items to help support our students and staff. We welcome your participation in our school activities and look forward to working with you and our students during another successful year.  

    We believe that parents are an integral part of their student’s success. We encourage all parents to get involved at Lincoln School and contribute to your child’s education. Get involved, and call on your child’s teacher, or administrator for any assistance you may need during this school year. We are here to help and support you in your schooling journey!