• What does the NJROTC Program do


    • Promotes Patriotism
    • Develops informed and responsible citizens 
    • develops respect for constructed authority
    • develops leadership potential
    • Promotes high school completion
    • Promotes community service
    • Develops a high degree of personal honor, self-relianc3e, individual discipline and leadership
    • Promotes an understanding of the basic elements and need for national security
    • Provides information on the military services as a possible career
    • Provides an alternative to gangs
    • Provides incentive to live healthy and drug free

    What are the benefits of NJROTC

    • Approximately 60 percent  of the NJROTC cadets who are graduating seniors continue to height education
    • The NJROTC program is motivation in encouraging cadets to graduate from high school and continue to height education offering free ACT/SAT preparation
    • NJROTC cadets are better behaved, have higher attendance, are role models, have highert self-esteem, develop positive life skills
    • Cadets learn the value of teamwork and individual accomplishments from belonging to NJROTC
    • The program enhances the image of the military in the eyes of the community by providing a chance for success to the nations youth


     Classroom instruction is augmented throughout the year by extra-curricular activities of community service, academic, athletic, drill and orienteering competitions, field meets, flights, visits to naval or other activities, marksmanship sports training, and physical fitness training Electronic classroom equipment, textbooks, uniforms, educational training aids.