County Fair

  • Steer:

    Coran Chavez received 3rd in his class in Market and 2nd place in the beef booster marketing poster contest.

    Thelma Ayon received 2nd place in Market class and 9th place in Advance Showmanship.

    Daniel Brenes received 2nd place in the Market class and 5th in advanced beef boosters interview contest



    The students all received $6.00 a pound or better for their lambs.

    Ricardo Trujillo got $10.50 per pound!



    Alvaro Arroyo took 1st place Feeder Class

    Amanda Venegas took 2nd feeder class.

    Kobe Moore took 3rd feeder class.

    Madasen Gutierrez took 5th feeder class.

    Erica Sanchez took 1st place in the next feeder class.

    Roma Gallardo took 5th place in that class as well. 



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