• Daily Homework


    1. Read Accelerated Reading book for 30 minutes. Take a test the next day.


    2. Study for Spelling Test on Friday.

    Put words in a Thinking Map (Tree Map) to organize the words that have similar spelling patterns.


    3. Complete Math Homework from Go Math, then check for accuracy and look for common error alerts. Work with your parent on 3-5 problems. Do one word problem.


    4. Read 2 or 3 Achieve 3000 articles per week and complete 5 Steps for Literacy Development. Read with a parent at home and complete each step for Literacy


       A. Before Reading Poll

       B. Article - read multiple times, first time for enjoyment, 2nd time to highlight main idea and details

       C. Activity - read questions and search article for the answer

       D. After Reading Poll

       E. Thought Question - writing using the Evidence = Proof

       Constructed Response: Read and Think, Answer and Check, Prove It, Proofread


    5. Prodigy Math Assignment - complete 2 or 3 assignment per week.


    6. Accelerated Math Assignment - complete 2 or 3 assignments per week


    7. Math Fluency Practice - multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, fractions

    (use flash cards or online practice)


    8.  Touch Typing



    9. Study for Science, History, Math Tests