• Classroom Rules/Consequences

    5th Grade

    Room 1



    1. Be On Time
    2. Stay On Task
    3. Be Responsible
    4. Listen Properly
    5. Chew Gum At Home
    6. Use Appropriate Language
    7. Blurt Out In The Forest Only
    8. Divert Attention When Alone
    9. Be Honest In What You Say & Do
    10. Be Kind, Helpful, & Encouraging




    The consequences for breaking the classroom rules are:


    Step 1 first warning – Clip Chart: Think about it

    Step 2 second warning – clip chart: loss of privilege

    Step 3 third warning – clip chart: parent contact, ODR, office

                                                                            send to learning director or principal

    Step 4 Suspension if necessary


    When a student is issued an odr the teacher will conference with the student. Parent contact will be made by the teacher.  A student may conference with the LD/Principal. When behavior has possible suspension the student will be sent to the office immediately. The LD/principal will contact a parent.