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Mr. Bledsoe

Dinuba High School 

 Advanced Auto Night Course Syllabus


School Year: 2016-2017                                                 Instructor:  Mr. Bledsoe


Telephone:  (559) 595-7220                                                        Email:

                             Ext: 2306

Course Description:


This course examines the mechanical functions of the vehicle and its related subsystems.  These subsystems include the A/C Heating, Engine performance, Automatic Transmissions and Manual Transmissions. This is a hands on course, which will allow the student to attain skills related to maintenance, diagnosis and repair. In addition, the safety and proper use of related automotive tools and equipment will be covered.


Prerequisites:  Have completed Auto 1 with a C  or better.


What Will You Need To Purchase For This Course:


You will need to provide your own safety glasses, notebook, paper, and pencils.


Examinations and Major Assignments:


There will generally be quizzes at the conclusion of the various subsystems covered.  Pop quizzes may also be given from time to time and there will be a final exam, which will be comprehensive but general in nature.

There will not be a major research paper for this class, but there may be 1-3 small research projects or reports.  You will be kept informed.




All of the work issued in this class will be assigned a point value.  The total points earned by each student will be divided by the number of points possible in order to determine a percentage score.  All letter grades will be based on the following percentage scores:


90% - 100% = A

80% -   89% = B

70% -   79% = C

60% -   69% = D

  0% -   59% = F


Your attendance and participation is important.  Please make every effort to be in class, on time, and participate to your fullest extent.  Remember, your lab work will also be assigned a point value and contribute to your overall grade.


If you are absent, you have one week to get required assignments turned in.  No later; no exceptions.  Shop work cannot be made up. 






Subject to Change:


This syllabus and schedule are subject to change and may be rearranged to accommodate continuity, our ability to obtain gust speakers and participate in field trips.  Remember, if you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to check on announcements that were made while you were gone.



Course Policies:


Your safety and the safety of others working around you is a primary concern.  When participating in the laboratory portion of this course, please be diligent and exercise extreme caution and safe working practices at all times or you will be removed from the class.


Primary Learning Outcomes:


Having completed this course, the student should be able to identify the major subsystems of the vehicle and explain the function and operation of each.  He/she should also be able to compare and contrast the various design characteristics among subsystems and perform limited failure analysis on these systems.