• Kennedy Elementary School opened its doors in August 2013 as a Transitional Kindergarten - 6th grade elementary school. We invite you to explore our website, which provides valuable information about our school's instructional programs, academic achievement, classroom materials, school safety, facilities, and staff. Understanding our educational program, student achievement, and curriculum development can assist both our school and the community in ongoing program improvement. Parents will find valuable information about our academic achievement, professional staff, curricular programs, instructional materials, safety procedures, classroom environment, and condition of facilities. Kennedy Elementary provides a warm, stimulating environment where students are actively involved in learning academics and positive values. Students receive a standards-based, challenging curriculum by dedicated professional staff. Instruction is based on the individual needs of the students. Ongoing evaluation of student progress and achievement helps us refine the instructional program so students can achieve academic proficiency. Staff and parents work together to create a learning environment that promotes academic and social development, teaches responsibility and pride, and models learning as a lifelong adventure. We welcome any suggestions or questions you may have about the information contain in this report or about the school. Together through our hard work, our students will be challenged to reach their maximum potential.

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