Ms. Harris

Phone: (559) 595-7220 x 2539


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology Single Subject Preliminary Credential in Biological Sciences (pending August 2016)

Ms. Harris


Class Routines and Expectations


Start of Class / Bellwork Assignment

  • Students are expected to be on time (fully inside the classroom before the bell rings)
    • Every day, a bellwork assignment will be uploaded onto Google Classroom
    • Along with the assigned task, the bellwork assignment will brief you about the day’s lesson and provide instructions related to any materials you will need to prepare
    • During the first five minutes of class, you are expected to complete this daily assignment and gather/prepare any required materials
    • Please note: Students who arrive late to class will lose some of their designated bellwork time, but are still expected to be prepared when the regular class session begins


    • If you do not complete your tasks within the designated bellwork time, it can cause a disruption (ie, not hearing directions and needing the teacher or another student to explain especially for you).
    • Students who routinely fail to complete their bellwork or gather their materials on time may face action on the classroom step form


Taking Notes

  • Taking notes is required, NOT optional!
  • Notes will be turned in for grading
  • Each notetaking assignment is worth five points:
    • 1 point - Heading/title
    • 2 points - Completeness
    • 2 points - Summary


Note Summaries

  • A note summary will always be assigned for homework the day the notes are completed
  • Summaries must be a full paragraph, at least five sentences long
  • To be considered “complete,” summaries should address and connect all the concepts covered by the lecture/reading (ie, you can’t just list five random facts from the notes)

Submitting Notes for Grading

  • Students must keep all their notes for the term in a hard copy or digital notebook
  • You must choose one method to present your notes - hard copy or digital. Notes that are not presented in your chosen format will not be graded.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your notes organized and ready to present for grading when due
  • No blank headings - untitled notes will not be graded!



  • Note summaries are an “automatic” homework expectation - this means no designated class time will be given for the note summary.
    • Please note: Early in the year, reminders will be given to help establish the routine; however, the summary will be a task you are expected to complete on your own automatically, without prompting
  • Homework will often include extra practice work or the completion of in-class assignments
  • Students may also need to work on long-term projects at home, outside of class time


Grade Reports

  • Grade reports will be passed out to students every two weeks (approximately)
  • Students who have below a 70% will be required to have a parent/guardian sign the grade report and return it to the teacher - no more than three days after being sent home
    • Should the student fail to return a signed grade report, the teacher will make direct contact and the student may move up a step on the classroom step form
    • Should teacher suspect the student is falsifying the signature, the teacher will call home to speak to the parent/guardian directly. If the suspicion is confirmed, administration will be made aware of the incident through a disciplinary referral.
    • On the third occasion a student’s grade report requires a signature, the teacher will call or email the parent/guardian to conference


Behavior Philosophy


  • The purpose of behavior expectations is to create an environment of mutual respect in the classroom. Consistent enforcement is necessary to protect each student’s right to learn.


Behavior Expectations

  • Appropriate language, dress, and conduct are expected at all times
    • No disrespectful speech, rough-housing, vulgarity or dress-code violations
    • Respect other people’s property and person
  • Cell phone use is not permitted at any time during class
    • Cell phones that are out during class time will be confiscated. NO WARNINGS!
  • Disruptive behavior is always unacceptable. It is the most important behavior issue to manage because it can affect everyone. So, what is disruptive behavior?
    • shouting out answers / outbursts
    • arguing with the teacher or another student
    • excessive talking or socializing
    • talking when another person is speaking to the class
    • asking irrelevant or off-topic questions
    • disrespect toward another student or the teacher
    • ignoring class routines
    • not listening to instructions
    • rudeness
    • bullying/intimidation
    • intentionally giving the wrong answer when called upon
    • failure to follow the teacher’s instructions
  • To sum up, disruptive behavior is any kind of action that interferes with a student’s ability to learn, or the teacher’s ability to teach.  It is never acceptable, and will be addressed swiftly via the classroom step form.


Behavior Consequences

  • The teacher will follow the behavior plan outlined by Dinuba High School policy
    • Positive behavior will be rewarded with PBIS tickets
    • Minor negative incidents will be addressed with the classroom step form
    • Major negative incidents will bypass the step plan. An office disciplinary referral will be sent directly to DHS administration
  • In Room 539, students will always have the opportunity to complete a behavior reflection and provide this to the teacher for consideration and documentation
  • I believe most behavior incidents can be resolved with respect, understanding and honest reflection. Mutual respect is the key to productive, meaningful educational opportunities.